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There are many treasures to be found in Little Five Points. This eclectic neighborhood, nestled just north of East Atlanta and easily accessible by I-20, is one of the most satisfying places to people-watch in Atlanta.

Sure, there are actual amenities like vintage apparel shops, eateries, smoke shops, clothing bazaars, tattoo parlors, a natural food co-op, an indie radio station, independent bookstores, more than a few pubs – and even a giant, 30-foot-tall skull, but this hodge-podge of edgy artfulness simply pales in comparison to the people who live and work in this area. Though the main strip of Little Five (as the locals call it) is relatively compact, running mainly along Euclid Avenue and part of Moreland, it is packed with visitors, vendors and performers, all vying for a good experience with this neighborhood.Have a seat on one of the outdoor patios or benches and make up stories about the people passing you by; the variety of clothing/costumes, hairstyles, instruments, signs all scream “I’m expressing myself!” and that, friends, is a melting pot of sub-cultures that bubbles with fascinating layers. There’s a reason Little Five Points is known as a hippie hood. Full Article

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