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7 Stages  404-523-7647

42 Degrees

Abbadabbas 844-474-6374

Acappella Books  404-681-5128

Alibaba  404-233-1445

American apparel

Arden’s Garden

Arthur M. Blank Center for Stuttering Therapy

Aurora Coffee

Business Association

Cameli’s Pizza

Charis Books

Clothing Warehouse

Coyote Trading Company

Criminal Records

Doggie Styles

Envy Hair Salon

Eye Etc


Front Page News

Hartz Bldg

Built in 1915, as the fashionable Holbrook Apartments, the quadraplex was originally numbered 211 Moreland Avenue.

In 1926 the addresses were renumbered and it became 483 Moreland Avenue as it is today.

Up until the fire, the building looked like this:

Here is a line drawing from the 1980’s showing the first floor porch enclosures. These were done by Earl Johannaber, local contractor and head of Design Science Network.


In 1994, the main part of the work to restore the building took place. On advice of Pimsler-Haas, the architects, a third story was added to create additional rental space. The cost of the additional story was reasonable with the other building considerations in mind. The strong original base could easily support the addition.

See what a great architect can do?

Below you can see the work in progress on Hartz Building #6 2020!

Hey Baby Ultrasound


JVL / Little Vinly Lounge

Kassab and Harris



Package Store


Little Five Points Pizza


Outback Bikes

Outback Bikes has always been a family run business, started in 1986 as Outback Bikes & Outfitters, Pete Wicker transformed the store into a full Bicycle shop in the 90’s. Outback has been serving the community for over 30 years. Outback’s mission is to serve all those interested in learning or continuing on their cycling journey.

Outback Bikes is a different kind of Atlanta bike shop. No pressure, no forcing a $5000 bike on you. And if you just want to hang out? That’s cool with us. Come on down and check us out.

Ok, not enough for you?

How about the fact that we sponsor and support tons of local community cycling events and organizations? From supporting the Dick Lane Velodrome, GA Cyclocross and Atlanta Bicycle Coalition. We have been voted “The Best Bike Shop in Atlanta” by Creative Loafing Readers many years in a row

Planet Bombay

Presto Cleaners

Psycho Sisters


Savage Pizza

Sevananda Natural Foods Market

Southern Star Tatoo

The Star Community Bar

The Vortex


Star Salon


The Porter

Yacht Club

Tijuana Garage

Variety Playhouse

Wax N Facts

Wax 'n' Facts


Wrecking Bar